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Joining High Tech Solutions means you may look forward to some truly exciting projects. We spend a serious amount of time discussing work with our clients. We sincerely believe that these projects should match your ambitions, skills and also your future.
These projects are of paramount importance. They are interesting short-term or long-term projects, for clients wanting to make a difference. We make sure you are able to invest your talents and qualities to the fullest, to get the best out of something.

In daily practise

Exploring High Tech

Our target groups are very diverse. Usually these are large and medium-sized companies who have access to products or technical systems that require top-notch software. Our job is to offer these companies embedded, real-time software development based on consultancy. We use our embedded software professionals according to the project concerned.


Tom Urlings – equipment engineer

“High Tech was determined to offer me enjoyable work…”

“I joined High Tech seven years ago. I started my current job with ASML three years ago.


Panagiotis Georgiadis – 36

“Work is my way of keeping my brains in good shape…”

“I’m originally from Greece. I studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Thessaloniki. In Holland I obtained my pre-master degree after completing a technical information science design study programme at TU Eindhoven (2004).

I got my first job in the city of Eindhoven, as a software engineer with Ordina Technical Automation. That was back in 2006. After that I joined LDS, test & measurement, which changed its name into HBM later on. They offered me a permanent contract.


Bart van Ingen Schenau – 39 – senior software designer

“During my study I already fell in love with high-tech…”

“In a sense this is the job I’ve been dreaming about. I joined High Tech six years ago and before that I spent nine years working for a similar company. I have come to know this kind of work inside out. Also I am perfectly familiar with the different market segments in which high-tech and embedded software are pivotal, like mobile telephony, healthcare, defence….. you name it. At a certain point you know exactly what is going on and what kind of challenges you may expect. I can see myself doing this job for many years to come.

Robert Peters – 44 – senior system designer

“People who are hired are given interesting projects…

“I joined High Tech back in 2007. I was invited to a job interview and we clicked immediately. At the time I was also working for a similar company in South Netherlands, but I was not happy. High Tech offered me peace of mind and from a practical perspective, they were nearby.


Sasanka Gottimukkala – 31

The challenge was so great I had to work all night…”

“In 2006 I obtained my aerospace engineering degree, specialising in Robotics, in the field of miniature drones for airspace inspections. I am highly fascinated by robotics, always have.

For my final project I decided to develop a drone. And for that I designed the embedded software and interfaces for different sensors. Today this device is even used in civil society. India was subjected to severe floods and these drones were used to explore hilly grounds that could not be accessed by road.

Michiel Horsman – Software Developer

“Knowing that your work helps increase safety, is a great feeling.”

“High Tech is my first employer and I cannot wish for a better one. I started in 2009 and at the moment I’m working for Thales. It’s a large company in Hengelo designing defence equipment. I’ve been with them for more than two years now, doing a project called the Goalkeeper. Which is a defence tool for marine vessels. Previously I was involved in some of Nefit’s projects, like a universal platform for central heating boilers. I’ve also worked for Panalytical, designing XR scanners.

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