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Joining High Tech Solutions means you get to design embedded software at an advanced level. But also you have the opportunity to develop your own skills.

One of our main targets is to make sure staff remain motivated. It is the perfect way of turning in top-notch performance, time and time again. High Tech is committed to support you in every way that we can. The job vacancies below provide the opportunity to live the experience anytime soon.

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Even though your position might not be on our list, it does not mean that we are not interested in making your acquaintance.

If your perfect job vacancy is not available at this moment, we might still have interesting options that you would like to discuss with us. Make sure you contact Henk Dijkstra by telephone or e-mail. No strings attached . Or you may click here to submit your open application. The odds are that we will have some interesting options to offer.



Bart van Ingen Schenau – Senior System Engineer“During my study I already fell in love with high-tech…”

“In a sense this is the job I’ve been dreaming about. I joined High Tech six years ago and before that I spent nine years working for a similar company. I have come to know this kind of work inside out.

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Bart van Ingen Schenau – Senior System Engineer
Michiel Horsman - System Engineer“Knowing that your work helps increase safety, is a great feeling.”

“High Tech is my first employer and I cannot wish for a better one. I started in 2009 and at the moment I’m working for Thales. It’s a large company in Hengelo designing defence equipment.

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Michiel Horsman - System Engineer
Jinjing Huang - Senior System Engineer“High Tech encouraged me to pursuit my own targets.”

“After two years and a half, I needed to take my career to the next level. So today I’m working for ASML at a new department where I get to learn a lot. High Tech has been very supportive.”

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Jinjing Huang - Senior System Engineer
Panagiotis Georgiadis“Work is my way of keeping my brains in good shape…”

“I’m originally from Greece. I studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Thessaloniki. In Holland I obtained my pre-master degree after completing a technical information science design study programme at TU Eindhoven (2004).

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Panagiotis Georgiadis
Robert Peters - Senior System Engineer“People who are hired are given interesting projects…"

“I joined High Tech back in 2007. I was invited to a job interview and we clicked immediately. At the time I was also working for a similar company in South Netherlands, but I was not happy. High Tech offered me peace of mind and from a practical perspective, they were nearby.”

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Robert Peters - Senior System Engineer
Jaco Buitelaar - Senior Consultant“High Tech allows me to raise the bar whenever I need to.”

“I joined High Tech in February 2009, specialising in civil engineering. To me, this was an entirely different world. Right now I’m working on a whole tunnel, as a system architect. I’m still learning new stuff every single day.”

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Jaco Buitelaar - Senior Consultant
Ahmed Abdullah - Senior Software Engineer“I got the chance to develop new software components.”

“Right now I’m working for ASML. I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to intensify my knowledge of software design. Henk and Dick are my managers, but they’re also my friends.”

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Ahmed Abdullah - Senior Software Engineer

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